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Hash: C72BD392F59067B7CAA361CF631E45B2C4A7417E

-Decide The Fate Of All Mankind- CAN YOU CHANGE THE COURSE OF FATE? AND SAVE THE ONES CLOSEST TO YOU? STEINS;GATE is the award-winning time travel science-fiction interactive visual novel developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus. It is widely considered to be...
5.74 GB
2. A Chair in a Room : Greenwater

Hash: 412F7C8C10F1F61E3645AFEF8F4F11483A676F2E

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater is a tense Virtual Reality horror game set in America’s Deep South. Drawing on elements of Southern Gothic and using settings of derelict towns, run-down motels and murky, decaying swamps, A Chair in a Room will take you...
853 MB
3. Jurassic Survival

Hash: 6F2921FF55FEAACC2CD4B3B2B7616EEC2E4BB2CF

Play as a survivor in a land where dinosaurs are alive and roaming around the land. Collect supplies such as wood and stone, defend yourself from the creatures roaming around or hunt them for food if needed. Crafting and building are also available, ...
331 MB
4. The Curious Expedition v1.0.0.3

Hash: 59C9BC9A63C2CC0B4F4FF737860B682BDC09CB6D

Curious Expedition is a roguelike expedition simulation set in the late 19th century. Together with famous personalities you will venture on unprecedented expeditions to regions never explored before for fame, science and treasures. Put on your pith ...
84.8 MB
5. Hunted: One Step Too Far-PLAZA

Hash: E97030001B9446B0F95572F2702AE0075ED9EB8A

You love to Geocache. It’s a good way to escape the daily life. You like doing it alone and at night. It has that special adrenaline rush. But what will you do, when you find out that you’re not alone? Hunted: One Step Too Far, is the fir...
1.74 GB
6. Space Rangers: Quest-SKIDROW

Hash: 972feec4762daeb165cf4fdcdc5297ddb9589a4b

SPACE RANGERS: QUEST is a new text adventure in the world of Space Rangers with a touch of nostalgia. Save the Coalition from the new threat! Choose a space ship and sail on a journey. You are to research the origin of the threat and defend the organ...
357 MB
7. Time Tenshi

Hash: D670F1B6E48A05F63130D5DA14386A12CFD41DB7

The Time Window… An incredible invention, developed over decades in secret, empowers humans to make their grandest dream a reality… To travel through time! At a hidden research facility, Rose and Kyo – the Time Tenshi (Time Angels) ...
190 MB
8. Time Tenshi 2

Hash: DCEE16C5C7A27189530C8058B3167153B4FF917C

The Girls of Time Travel return… Using an incredible invention, they travel through the centuries to battle a new evil… … that threatens the entire planet! Rose and Kyo – the Time Tenshi (Time Angels) – are joined by new...
278 MB
9. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone v0.1.4

Hash: 3252F90BDBC9E5EE3BE1257BB77A1D37888E1594

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone has been in development since April, 2016 by me, Erik Rydeman. In that time I’ve put together a robot sword fighting experience that I hope you’ll find highly enjoyable!...
68.5 MB
10. Seasons after Fall-RELOADED

Hash: b93104ce10aaa18cb7e35c33ef1099957b04667a

The power of nature is in your paws as you make your journey across this mysterious world full of strange flora and fauna. Each of the seasons have a drastic change on the environment: it is up to you to change the world and open new paths. Winter ca...
1.37 GB

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