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1. MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies Deluxe Edition

Hash: 134D1108B6AC9F2E68091EBD70CD1DCB500302D2

The prestigious Gamicademi – a school of fading glory. To put it back in the spotlight, Blanc and friends decide to film a zombie flick on campus. All’s quiet on the set until real zombies start crawling out of the woodworks! Now they’ve got to send ...
1.74 GB
2. Serial Cleaner v0.2

Hash: 1246A2995066CE2DAB0D56AC27976D05DB8D92E9

Serial Cleaner is a story-driven, fast-paced stealth/action game, characterized by a 1970s theme and aesthetics. MEET THE CLEANER The protagonist is a professional cleaner, which means he takes care of cleaning up murder scenes by disposing bodies, c...
323 MB
3. Edge Guardian

Hash: 830D51F39C78D50D7296A648831592AFB40DDD2C

Edge Guardian is a surreal-futuristic action beat-em-up for the HTC Vive. You have been summoned to defend the fringe of reality itself from a horde of reality-eating void cubes. Find yourself immersed in many different, eerie landscapes, punching yo...
56.4 MB
4. Shu-HI2U

Hash: D5B5A8CC76B788DB76DEF07D1EA37E3FD4E251CD

When the great and terrible Storm destroys Shu’s village, he embarks on a desperate journey to survive. On his travels he’ll encounter stranded villagers; survivors of the devastation that need his help. In return for his assistance, thes...
1007 MB
5. Axe, Bow & Staff v1.1.4

Hash: D2D790442F4E6085339E7B27FC556650D028BEF2

Axe, Bow & Staff is a pixel art hybrid combining runner-sidescroller mechanics with RPG elements and zany multiplayer gameplay. Inspired by games like Lost Vikings, Adventure Island, Cadilacs and Dinosaurs and Captain Commando, etc, Axe, Bow &...
68.3 MB
6. BlackSmith HIT

Hash: 061B27469B36323927E56548764F9B3A330310F2

BlackSmith HIT – Hit the iron when it is hot! And show who is the real blacksmith! Sarcasm mode on BlackSmith HIT is exclusive and interesting arcade game, which proffers ultra realistic hammering experience that features stunning graphics, amazing ...
20.5 MB
7. 8infinity

Hash: AD026D3846B9D16C797985EEBDA5A6B928446393

If you change the units of speed and distance for “8”- what will happen? 8infinity (8 infinity). 8infinity (8 infinity) is a dynamic and rhythm game where the player reaches eights “8” – levels of infinity. In the game there are no barriers. If...
21.7 MB
8. Octoshield VR

Hash: EDDE351DF1A9D537DB0524B0AF35E9852E04272A

Ever wanted to throw a shield at your enemies with all your might? Now you can. Octoshield VR is an action packed arena game for the HTC Vive in which your only weapon is a deadly shield. Throw it at your enemies to annihilate them, but don’t f...
103 MB
9. Dungeons & Robots

Hash: EC32567CFD0ED39CC97643B0FA073F7D08B25318

Dungeons & Robots is an Online Action Shooter RPG, where players team up to battle various enemies, collect resources and dominate territories. Features include, fast-paced combat; elaborate crafting and inventory system; customizable characters,...
620 MB
10. Fly O'Clock

Hash: C03CBB8CC530129110293346F5A55D8247E006EA

Fly O’Clock is tiny, highly-addictive single & online multiplayer arcade endless jumper with innovative one-touch mechanics and unique pixel-art graphics. The faster you play the more you risk and as you know: no risk no fun. Check how long you w...
18.2 GB

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