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DubWars v1.0u3

Hash: 4A1642D4DB7C5C604FEA20965795F3796B41A95F / Jeux - Action

DubWars is an action-packed arcade shooter that successfully combines music and gaming in a way never seen before. We’ve collaborated with incredible EDM and Dubstep artists to create a game tha...
391 MB
Glitchspace v1.06

Hash: 3C0C88D3945F78A2F568E33A0F4F0542EDA5571F / Jeux - Aventure

A Reprogrammable World Glitchspace is about reprogramming the game to solve puzzles. Trapped in an abstract cyberspace world, your way forward uses visual programming to edit environmental geometry, w...
234 MB
Redshirt v1.04

Hash: 8E8C8BA5BD9A9F586E9BE3973325CF320C7FB32E / Jeux - RPG

Redshirt is the comedy sci-fi sim about social networking aboard a space station, starring the station’s most ambitious low-ranking peon: you! Navigate the professional and interpersonal politic...
53.96 MB
Metrico+ v1.001

Hash: E8E39B03F1C2211A26FF3F1B347D340166CFE032 / Jeux - Aventure

Metrico is a new world. A living world of infographics, driven by your input. All the bar charts, line diagrams and pie charts react to what the player is doing. One bar diagram might grow for every s...
194 MB
Replica v1.4

Hash: 41396A1D735DE75B13812F9419BC97FC36306E54 / Jeux - Aventure

ou are given a cellphone of an unknown owner. You must look for evidence of terrorism by hacking into the cellphone owner’s account, under governmental coercion. Then inspecting the cellphone us...
58.4 MB
Prismatica v1.2

Hash: 32C7EF35372E161E7BE3CD9C16A15285A92B8FFC / Jeux - Casual

Prismatica is a puzzle game with a brand new twist, inspired by Rubik’s Cubes, Sudoku, Dodecahedrons and way, way too much caffeine. The goal is to unscramble a series of puzzle boards by rotating mul...
40 MB
DarkMaus v1.04

Hash: F778D5772A03764E02940A09B397495F84332421 / Jeux - Action

In DarkMaus, you play a lonely wanderer searching for what’s left in a corrupted world. The odds are against you – you will certainly perish. Note: This game is designed for an Xbox Contro...
410.22 MB
GearCity v1.20

Hash: CA24596FE90D8D447DD973301CB23D86FB5BAC55 / Jeux - Simulation

Have you ever dreamed of running your own car company? Do you often find yourself drawing vehicle designs on the margins of your papers? Ever wondered what it would be like to be the next Henry Ford o...
973 MB
Moonlight v1.1

Hash: FA7F375FA56F3221CF899684FC217D80FDF87D2D / Jeux - Casual

Moonlight is a short game, about a little character named Kinubo and his quest to the moon! Kinubo finds himself in a new village while looking for help on his quest, but most don’t accept his p...
40 MB
Zombasite v1.0

Hash: cd2e4ba05c83ca3f0e9a42a1549aaa37ee3791cf / Jeux - Action

Zombasite is a zombie apocalypse action RPG set in a dynamic, evolving, fantasy world for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The dark elves have always played god by creating and enhancing underworld slave crea...
307.81 MB
Nusakana v1.1

Hash: BCF290C64BF735558C98712D156ED4A561CE3A08 / Jeux - Aventure

A mysterious letter invites you to Nusakana island, an island south of the continent, promising to tell you of your past. Taking advantage of your vacation allowance and thirst for an adventure, you d...
647.51 MB
Deadweight v1.01

Hash: 9416B185B4981FC2E52E2F23CBEFFE7B5FCF41EF / Jeux - Action

Play as one of many clones condemned to fight each other in perpetuity for the amusement of the robot lord, King Mechanicus. Deadweight is an arena survival shooter in which you must shoot through wav...
92.62 MB
Unveil v1.0

Hash: FA643154B875879AD4DF56B71B15725B77255325 / Jeux - Simulation

Survival in it’s purest form. Within the richest Simulation of Nature ever delivered. Stay alive From Energy, Hydration, and Body Temperature management, outsmart nature and adapt to the ever ch...
221.12 MB
Cavernus v1.02

Hash: 150A5CA22AF48F8D7EBD3A64DFEDC7C0C63161ED / Jeux - Action

Action, adventure and exploration! Descend into the darkness below and find the treasure. Fall too far and die so grab onto walls with your climbing axe. “Twitch gameplay” fast paced real-...
42.8 MB
Militia v1.09

Hash: 667C06EF8BBE267757EDDEF7656747E5282B9CB5 / Jeux - Stratégie

Militia is a bite-sized turn-based strategy game that brings the thrill of victory to single-player. It’s simple to pick up, and from the moment you start, you’ll be learning and improving...
40 MB
Reigns v1.23

Hash: 8ABD10AE4B92FFB00098F12B861AE3ED0BDC7C18 / Jeux - Aventure

Sit on the throne as a benevolent (or malevolent) medieval monarch of the modern age and swipe your royal controller either left or right to impose your will upon the kingdom. Survive the seemingly ne...
73.7 MB
Anodyne v1.509

Hash: 3229835C30DF53D11EA98653AB24915E0BD94E8B / Jeux - Action

In Anodyne, you explore and fight your way through surreal and at times, creepy, nature, urban and abstract themed areas in the human Young’s subconscious, evoked by a 16-bit-era visual style an...
54.07 MB
Brigador v1.11

Hash: 605549C31234242D1FB5F155D36A8E898853951F / Jeux - Action

Great Leader is dead. Solo Nobre must fall. Here is your contract Brigador is an isometric mech action game full of intense, tactical combat. Fight your way through the streets of Solo Nobre in a 21 m...
457 MB
Gridworld v1.24

Hash: 085BE3ED1DCDE6EF016BADACA2AE802CC2831B62 / Jeux - Simulation

What is Gridworld? Gridworld is an artificial life / evolution simulator in which abstract virtual creatures compete for food and struggle for survival. Conditions in this two-dimensional ecosystem ar...
49.52 MB
ShipLord v1.1

Hash: 66BF46305E0EFC100470AE61872C099211FAC211 / Jeux - Action

ShipLord is a survival game based on an asteroid dodging mechanics and energy collection, combined with interactive boss fights. The main goal of the game is to survive a specific period of time, coll...
774.75 MB

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