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Tale of Tales 2015 TRUEFRENCH BRRip XviD-ShowFr

Hash: 138271065F51CFFA470DDBF26017291FFB6DC9D2 / Film - Fantastique

Il était une fois trois royaumes voisins où dans de merveilleux châteaux régnaient rois et reines, princes et princesses : un roi fornicateur et libertin, un autre captivé par un étrange animal, une r...
1.24 GB
Prehistoric Tales

Hash: 1002C9A319E9800AEE30759A20A8A9696185418F / Jeux - Aventure

Bring an ancient world to vibrant life as you build and protect a fledgling settlement! Although you are a stranger who has no memory of your life before the day you arrived at a small village in the ...
130.94 MB
Button Tales

Hash: 8867748553DCDD61B9F7740E98FB87E44407EAF4 / Jeux - Casual

peaceful Buttonlands. Your wonderful little world is now in ruins and it’s up to you to restore it! Venture through over 100 unique levels and use power-ups to clear the obstacles. Complete the ...
147 MB
Sketch Tales

Hash: 7fa594535a31111c245b8b0d03df5ed4dab6bb0e / Jeux - Action

What is Sketch Tales? Sketch Tales is an immersive action-RPG sandbox where what you draw becomes what you play. You appear in a hand-drawn world, wherefrom all the colors had been stolen by a supervi...
536.19 MB
Country Tales

Hash: 507cc3c323b2e2b14804d49c74e6919643a57892 / Jeux - Casual

Ted used to be a simple farmer. But he just couldn’t see himself being a farmer his whole life. He wanted more. So Ted decided to leave for the big city and finish school there. Once he was done...
214.31 MB
Tales Across Time

Hash: 2D3AF9488978DEFBDEBE846F84B2D4C185DF1DF0 / Jeux - Aventure

It uses the classic short-story format to tell the tale of three very different characters; each living centuries apart, but in the same location. Each narrative presents a different experience. Explo...
112.86 MB
Scarab Tales-PROPHET

Hash: A70C51A0862BA3AA8C8A0D1F5299F1BBEB67AD55 / Jeux - Casual

100 original levels guarantee hours of fun, if you want more, feel free to download more levels from our community server or create your own in built-in level editor! You can then upload your levels t...
405 MB
Tales of Destruction-PLAZA

Hash: 519DB737E38EFC083556018BDA8AA85571C75D83 / Jeux - Action

Tales of Destruction is First person Survival Shooter game. TOD has 6 maps, where the players whom are portrayed as soldiers and is required to hunt down the treasure. In TOD, you’re tasked to f...
1.67 GB
Tales of Zestiria-CPY

Hash: 0DE406504E3F4CDE185A09BACF3B1773000D0FBC / Jeux - RPG

Hold on to what you strive for! In a world torn by war between two powerful nations fighting for rule and supremacy, accept the burden of the Sheperd and fight human darkness to protect your world fro...
11.7 GB
Sea Dogs: Caribbean Tales-GOG

Hash: 42B7A691A564E371933075A6C984AB23366041E7 / Jeux - Action

aiming to be the ultimate pirate simulation. Sea Dogs: Caribbean Tales models all the details of a sword swinging pirate’s life and misses no part of his everyday adventures. Taking the role of ...
2.9 GB
Tales from the Void-POSTMORTEM

Hash: 2BB6F5DFA6BEBF8808B809CA22FD7405753C6B6C / Jeux - Action

“R.C. Halahan, commander of HMS E18 had his future told by a local woman prior to this last patrol. She told him he was in grave danger, this affected the superstitious Halahan” -Francis G...
886.04 MB
Grim Tales: The Final Suspect

Hash: 067480A6C67DE6C6B1751CBE28F56347F5996E44 / Jeux - Casual

Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document cont...
929.49 MB
Tales of Symphonia (Update 1) - ALI213 (CRACKED)

Hash: D351E9CA2FD93B79E96C543A95338893AA25E2E8 / Jeux - RPG

In a dying world, legend has it that a Chosen One will one day rise from amongst the people and the land will be reborn. The line between good and evil blurs in this epic adventure where the fate of t...
5.14 GB
Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1-5-GOG

Hash: A77DD54FA5844DC6D41B606C3B876A5B29DE6053 / Jeux - Aventure

Tales from the Borderlands is a five part episodic game series from the creators of The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series. Set on the unforgiving world of Pandora after the e...
7.85 GB
Southland Tales TRUEFRENCH SUBFORCED DVDRip XviD AC3-PoneyClub

Hash: 586BFF0F48EB152EDB6B1401644E6EE343544265 / Film - Science fiction

Californie, 2008. Une attaque nucléaire a précipité lAmérique dans la 3e Guerre Mondiale. Face à la pénurie de carburant, la compagnie US-IDent élabore un générateur dénergie inépuisable, qui altère l...
1.38 GB

Hash: AB48618FB007E3111102910C289746524B9E33EC / Film - Science fiction

Californie, 2008. Une attaque nucléaire a précipité lAmérique dans la 3e Guerre Mondiale. Face à la pénurie de carburant, la compagnie US-IDent élabore un générateur dénergie inépuisable, qui altère l...
2.03 GB
Celestian Tales: Old North - Howl of the Ravager-HI2U

Hash: 4B52FB4B6A4E04B6A72F8CF292E54593F12F7B19 / Jeux - RPG

Howl of the Ravager stands as a powerful story on its own and a precursor to the main trilogy, shedding light to events which took place more than twenty years before Celestian Tales: Old North. Glimp...
1 GB
Bee Gees - Tales From The Brothers Gibb ([email protected]) [FrankFoo]

Hash: 1C9614AB709E576136A14C8DA32E6510A88DFF5B / Musique - Rock

Disque 1 : 1. New York Mining Disaster 1941 2. I Cant See Nobody 3. To Love Somebody 4. Holiday 5. Massachusetts 6. Barker Of The UFO 7. World 8. Sir Geoffrey Saved The Wor...
675.51 MB
The tales of Hoffmann M Powwell E Pressburger 1951 VOSTFR Dvdrip Xvid kerfiche

Hash: 9AFA1A988B7F58A88D9888888E86A6B79F2CC57A / Film - Musical

Dans un cabaret, assis à une table en attendant Stella, la jeune ballerine quil aime, Hoffmann raconte à ses amis ses malheureuses amours passées. ...
1.53 GB
Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun

Hash: B71EB4015ED78AAE99D84DED0EF5F114E692683A / Jeux - Casual

Travel to the Edo period in Japan and help Satsu and Miyamoto in an epic adventure to preserve ancient Japan. Prove your skills in Challenge mode with limited moves. Experience the excitement of build...
54.27 MB

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