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1. Catch Me v0.2.2

Hash: F924E6131834B82B7C54DA1F0C2C92DE3130EB4E

“You roll the map open under the lamplight and double check the marks you’ve made. This plan is months in the making, but in the end, it will all come down to a window of mere seconds. Nothing can go wrong.”...
115 MB
2. Galaxy Reavers

Hash: 7ED609A871B4A1E8A9109F4FF313CE78F006972A

This is a fun yet challenging RTS game. In order to survive in the enormous galaxy, players have to build up their own fleet and have every warship well equipped. And to control your warships in every battle, defeating your enemies, conquering differ...
285 MB
3. 50 years

Hash: 55C5AE53882ACB5267868A75F00745A44E23DBF9

Fast paced turn-based strategy 50 Years is a fast-paced alternative to the bigger, longer turn-based strategy games. You can win or lose a game in a single evening. Either way you’ll want to play again. Still a strategy We love strategy games a...
35.9 MB
4. Sengoku Jidai: Gempei Kassen-SKIDROW

Hash: BFB2D0D7BA4181DEA734AAE45E9B3380683CE3E7

1180 AD, Japan. Two warrior clans have quarrelled for decades over dominance of the Imperial Court: the Taira and the Minamoto. Following the abdication of Emperor Takakura, the Taira have seized power, but the Minamoto aren’t willing to accept the n...
404 MB
5. Master of Orion-CODEX

Hash: 1D167B03C32DFC2575AA77661DA91C20602D9EDB

Master of Orion – Conquer the Stars The ascendant spacefaring 4X strategy game returns! A new chapter in the epic Master of Orion saga is poised to once again capture the imaginations of millions of gamers. Diehard fans of the first games will be ecs...
4.52 GB
6. Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon - Da Orks-SKIDROW

Hash: c9861d089740542595fc1ceaddfd75bcaf78b692

The year is 941.M41, and a massive Space Hulk appears in the Armageddon star system. It is believed uninhabited, and the citizens of Armageddon wonder what riches they will discover when salvage companies survey it. Little do they know that a huge Or...
970.09 MB
7. Shift

Hash: F7FFF5EF81C4B145DB5D814D0D52E32497C796B9

It’s a fun puzzle game. You have to connect as many figures as possible together. Use yellow “shifters” to change direction of the line. Get more points for longer line. – Different modes (Ranking levels, Randomly generated le...
121 MB
8. Eternal Destiny The Salem Witches-PLAZA

Hash: ec7f9c1386e6c5c9dff4dc0a855f63faf5e68d55

NEW scenario! The Salem Witches: Those who Devour Fear Prevent the sinister plan of The Salem Witches! Fight with various monsters appearing in Tokyo. New Dungeon! Domain of the Celts Explore a brand new dungeon and enhance your deck! And 9 cards bon...
4.02 GB
9. System Crash v1.4.3.1

Hash: 89B70EC9AF94DFECF4219437F2FFD0028CE4C058

System Crash is a story-driven cyberpunk collectible card game inspired by Blade Runner and Neuromancer. When corporations own everything and the line between man and machine is blurred, your only option is to fight to survive! Choose your Runner per...
110 MB
10. Way of Gold and Steel Update 10.09.2016

Hash: 5CB9CB524DDB60639FBCD5154399D107585F2480

What is in the “Way of Gold and Steel” which makes it interesting? Main reason is the unusual gameplay style — combination of a real-time strategy (RTS) and a roguelike. As you know, in a typical RTS you issue global orders — basically wh...
1.83 MB

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