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1. Bad ass babes v1.0.4

Hash: F9ACA8812A832DA8EE1C0F4D12070DDECEAA5BF7

Bad ass babes is a video game using live action sprites and features a cheesy, B grade plot and over the top sexy moves. PLOT: Earth has been invaded by an alien race. Men are being captured and turned into mutant soldiers whilst the women are being ...
173 MB
2. Carrie's Order Up!

Hash: 184B19961EF6FAA9E38CBAF8D8A2ED818F51B7CD

Carrie’s Order Up! is a challenging arcade game inspired by the likes of Pac-Man and Game & Watch. As Carrie, a crab waitress in a port town’s restaurant, you have to serve spaghetti, pancakes, and burgers to all kinds of sea creature...
26.9 MB
3. Zi

Hash: 6E862F553C2415C4739761545164E309AFF828B8

Zi – classic arcade shooter with realistic physics. You should to destroy all enemies on map and save your base....
94 MB
4. Risky Rescue

Hash: B5CB989F54175937632B360E1FC845ED35DC2DFB

New game from the creators of award winning Timberman!!! Risky Rescue is a demanding arcade game with flat design graphics and innovative controls. Fly a helicopter and do dangerous missions rescuing people. At each level you’ll need to save people s...
19.6 MB
5. RX squad

Hash: 1F054BCE0242655BCA4BA09BD9C201790499ACC6

The earth is suffering from an attack of space monsters, and the terran defense forces are called for combat and the annihilation of the monsters. The RX Squad with their advanced ships risks themselves to keep the earth in peace. A game with levels ...
94.2 MB
6. Loot Hunter v1.18

Hash: 8F13F950BA2372F52E8B1E83BE0D53BF8193CF5A

Enjoy your journey from poor sailor to the richest and the most honoured adventurer! Explore every corner of the dangerous seas with your ships fully loaded with canons. You can choose the way of an honest merchant and trade with farms, towns or fort...
31.8 MB
7. Ironguard

Hash: 988AC0EBA5968D8EDD0FE5F94292252E47D48F8F

Ironguard is a fast-paced roguelite shooter with procedurally generated levels and a wide array of unique weapons and items....
443 MB
8. Gyrodisc Super League

Hash: FEBA5AA7D40F18C77A178010F621B72FC802C9AD

Gyrodisc Super League is a bright, colourful arcade sports game for up to 4 players. Players compete in a lightning-fast futuristic sport that’s a blend of air hockey, tennis and volleyball. The rules may be simple, but victory is seized through quic...
135 MB
9. Zombie Boom

Hash: FF9BD54579DD5D6CFB5DA0AC22DEEBF5518E20E0

Another blasting opportunity for you! Only this time with a whole bunch of zombies… Take the chance to clear 60 levels full of brain-eating zeds and save your friends’ body parts. Get ready for a big ZOMBIE BOOM....
59 MB
10. Sparkle ZERO

Hash: CDE26A9496CC8A74CDEEE50D87D029B7E1CF8AE0

Before you play Sparkle ZERO please be aware that this game contains no tutorial. You will be left to explore the world alone, learning to climb the evolutionary ladder. The blue whale is the largest living organism on Earth today and can reach a len...
131 MB

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